Make Yourself Happyby Bobbleheads (Vinyl Record)

The Bobbleheads: Make Yourself Happy (Vinyl LP)

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Thanks to... Doug Hilsinger, Chris Xefos, Greg Humphrey, Neil Heather, Russell Eckstrom, Mark Smotroff, Encinal School, Produced by Doug Hilsinger and John Ashfield Recorded and Mixed by Doug Hilsinger at Saucefaucet Int'l Mastered by Chris Xefos at The Governor's Mansion A tiny bit of extra guitar, keys, percussion here and there by Doug Hilsinger Music and Lyrics by John Ashfield John Ashfield - Guitar, Percussion & Vocals Phil Bulan - Drums & Vocals Eugene Koh - Bass Photos by Brendan McWeeney @ABearKnowsPhotos. Prove Yourself, Mean Girls, Superhero Pose, Get That, Who's Gonna Love You?, Don't Ya Go, Turn the Radio on (The Perfect Song), Sofa, Take It Down, All Over You (Redux), Bedazzler (Redux)