Birkin Gainsbour: Le Symphoniqueby Birkin, Jane / Gainsbourg, Serge (Vinyl Record)

Birkin, Jane / Gainsbourg, Serge: Birkin Gainsbour: Le Symphonique (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Jane Birkin has often dressed and undressed the works of Serge, the legendary poet whose songs she has been singing since the first album he composed for her, Serge Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin, released in 1969. Separation and even death made no difference: Jane wears the songs of her partner in music and life, whether they were created when they lived together or when the strength of their connection persisted beyond all conflict. Under the artistic direction of Philippe Lerichomme, the man in the shadows, and Serge and Jane's travelling companion since the mid-1970s, 24 songs have been arranged by Nobuyuki Nakajima, a great designer, according to Jane Birkin. From L'Anamour (1969) to Lost Song (1987), the universe of Serge and Jane has been rearranged along the lines of classical music, with the bonus of specially invited songs, such as 'La Javanaise' (1963) written for Juliette Gréco and 'Pull Marine' (1983) for Isabelle Adjani. Lost Song, Depression Au-Dessus Du Jardin, Baby Alone in Babylone, Physique Et Sans Issue, Ces Petits Riens, L'aquoiboniste, Valse de Melody, Fuir Le Bonheur de Peur Qu'il Ne Se Sauve, Requiem Pour Un Con, Une Chose Entre Autres, Amour Des Feintes, Exercice en Forme de Z, Manon, La Chanson de Prevert, Les Dessous Chics, L'amour de Moi, Pull Marine, La Gadoue, Jane B, L'anamour, La Javanaise