Duchess Says: Sciences Nouvelles (Vinyl LP)

Duchess Says: Sciences Nouvelles (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the third astral opus from Duchess Says. Faithfully endorsed by the Church of Budgerigars, this antagonistic workout features chanteuse maniaque Annie-Claude Deschênes and her band of desensitized robot cronies clawing their way through ten tracks of Moog saturated cold/new/dark wave blasters, besmirching your cherished optimism and grinding it into dust. Duchess Says drops science in a heady amalgam of tracks in English, French and also of the wordless persuasion, with fudgy bass and fuzz propelled by slinky punk beats and fat synth bleeps delaying for eons, projecting a Giorgio Moroder vs. Devo dance-off on space station Italo-Q: A:. Inertia, Inertia Pt. II, I Repeat Myself, Negative Thoughts, Poubelle, Travaillez, Talk in Shapes, I'm An Idea, Pink Coffin, The Family Physicians