Twin Xl: How To Talk To Strangers (Vinyl LP)

Twin Xl: How To Talk To Strangers (Vinyl LP)

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. Twin XL is an alt-pop trio from Los Angeles. Before coming together, the trio reached musical triumph on two different paths; Cameron Walker-Wright (vocals) is part of the synth-pop band Nekokat, and brothers John and Stephen Gomez gained famed the American rock band they founded, The Summer Set. Between the trio, they have written and produced for artists such as All Time Low and many more. The seven songs on this mini album examine issues we have all dealt with in one way or another, like social anxiety, vices, and the difficulties of adulthood. While doing so, they manage to exude an enthralling and mellow vibe that you can't help but to bob your head and tap your foot to.