Gutara Kyo / Gutara Kyo [10''] (large Hole, Insertby Gutara Kyo (Vinyl Record)

Gutara Kyo: Gutara Kyo / Gutara Kyo [10''] (large Hole, Insert (12-Inch Single)

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Limited ten inch vinyl pressing. Our global travels searching for the wildest rock 'n' roll sounds in existence has so far only yielded one release from a Japanese band (Raydios), until now. To commemorate Slovenly 200, we present, from Kobe, Gutara Kyo, and their self-titled vinyl debut on our Mondo Mongo imprint. Gutara Kyo (roughly translated: crazy slovenlies) reminds us of our earliest experiences with hardcore punk as teenagers, pulsing blood to the skull and clotting. There is a youthful fury and hilarity in every track, with painful, ear-piercing skree from start to finish, harnessing both the loose garage punk swagger of Teengenerate and the blistering hardcore attack of Los Crudos, with Matsumoto-san shrieking in Japanese for the duration. Previously only available as a CD on Bakudan (JP), this edition comes on a large-hole 10 platter and features an insert with lyrics translated to English by Greg Snazz. Mastered for vinyl by Tim Warren. Fed Up, Drive, Daydream, You're Noisy, It's Gotta Be You, Romantic, Go, I Love the Police, Stop It!