Girls & Boys - 10th Anniversary Editionby Ingrid Michaelson (Vinyl Record)

Ingrid Michaelson: Girls & Boys - 10th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl LP)

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(2017) This one-time 10th Anniversary Limited Edition package of Ingrid Michaelson's Girls And Boys album, featuring the platinum selling single The Way I Am, is available as a Limited Edition pressing of only 1,000 copies randomly shipped Red or Green smoked Vinyl. The album includes a paper insert w/ foreword from Manager Lynn Grossman. The release also includes an exclusive Flexi Disc with printed personal note and autograph from Ingrid and the never before released song Background Noise that was cut from the Original Girls And Boys album. One lucky fan will receive a Golden Ticket insert to win a custom Crosley Record Player! Limited colored vinyl may no longer be available 2022. Die Alone, Masochist, Breakable, The Hat, The Way I Am, Overboard, Glass, Starting Now, Corner Of Your Heart, December Baby, Highway, Far Away