Nas: King's Disease II (Vinyl LP)

Nas: King's Disease II (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Following the Grammy Award winning album, King's Disease, the king returns to his throne with the second coming, King's Disease II. The star studded project offers tacit game on life, love, and loss, uplifting through action and lived experience in a way only Nas can. This is a body of work for the fans, for the day 1's that contributed to the legacy. Alongside the decorated production savant, Hit-Boy, Nas remains rooted in lyrical prophetism while proving that he constantly reinvents the wheel. The Pressure, Death Row East, 40 Side, Epmd 2, Rare, TKTV, Store Run, Moments, Nobody, No Phony Love, Brunch on Sundays, Count Me in, Composure, My Bible, Nas Is Good