A Hundred Years Is Nothingby Hellsingland Underground (Vinyl Record)

Hellsingland Underground: A Hundred Years Is Nothing (Vinyl LP)

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The Swedish sextet Hellsingland Underground is back with their fifth full length studio album called A Hundred Years Is Nothing, due to release on August 30. On August 9, the first single Carnival Beyond The Hills is released together with a lyric video. The sound on this album is a big step forward for the band, both sound- and songwriting wise. You can still sense their early day folk and blues influences, but you'll also hear echoes of Pink Floyd, Queen and The Doors. Mini-moogs, mellotron and accoustic guitars has been added into a perfect mix of great personal lyrics, and some of the finest songwriting to ever come from a Swedish rock band. A Hundred Years Is Nothing is their strongest album to date, no doubt. Carnival Beyond The Hills, Strangelands, Criminal Summer, The Blessing ; The Curse, Rainbow´s Gold, Elephant, A Hundred Years Is Nothing, I Win You Lose I Guess, Pig Farm, From Here To The Grave, Bloodlines