Redeuxby Babes in Toyland (Vinyl Record)

Babes in Toyland: Redeux (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 collection, a career spanning release compiled and assembled by Babes in Toyland. Redeux compiles tracks from four key releases in the Babes in Toyland discography, Spanking Machine from 1990, To Mother from 1991, Fontanelle from 1992 and Nemisisters from 1995. All of which have been out of print for many years in their own right. Redeux is the first band assembled compilation ever available. Babes in Toyland were an integral part of the 1990's alternative rock scene and now back for another round. Highly influential and inspirational back then and now. Amazing, life-changing. I'd never heard anything like them and haven't heard anything since like them - Kathleen Hanna. Swamp Pussy, He's My Thing, Vomit Heart, Dust Cake Boy, Spit to See the Shine, Catatonic, Ripe, Right Now, Bruise Violet, Bluebell, Handsome and Gretel, Pearl, Won't Tell, Spun, On Yeah, Drivin', Sweet '69, Ariel