La Discotheque Ideale De Fip: Rock / Variousby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: La Discotheque Ideale De Fip: Rock / Various (Vinyl LP)


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The Fall - Totally Wired, The Vaccines - Someone to Lose, Baxter Dury - Listen, Father John Misty - Date Night, The Buns - Bound, Palatine - Baton Rouge, Pete Astor - Only Child, Nick Mulvey - Unconditional, David Byrne - Gasoline and Dirty Sheets, The Inspector Cluzo - Cultural Misunderstanding, Feu! Chatterton - la Fenêtre, Girls in Hawaii - Walk (Radio Edit), Evergreen - Bloom, Belle ; Sebastian - We Were Beautiful, Eels - Deconstruction, The Limiñanas - Nuit Fantôme, Futuro Pelo Feat. Neysa May - on ; on, Howlin' Jaws - Oh Well, Theo Lawrence ; the Hearts - a House But Not a Home, Sonny Smith - Lost, Radio Elvis - Au Loin Les Pyramides, Jonathan Wilson - Miriam Montague, Portugal. the Man - Feel It Still, Laish - Dance to the Rhythm, T Bone Burnett - Jellico Coal Man