Arandel: Solarispellis (Vinyl LP)

Arandel: Solarispellis (Vinyl LP)

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A playful electronic musical journey evocative of Eno's MUSIC FOR FILMS, ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, 8-bit soundtracks and prog-infused 70s synth epics; but executed with a rigorous conceptual framework worthy of John Cage or the radical film experiments of Lars Von Trier. SOLARISPELLIS is the follow up to Arandel's 2010 debut album IN D and similarly continues to be entirely in his signature key (a nod to minimalist godfather Terry Riley). from woozy electronica to emotive techno and the most vertiginous krautrock - the tempos, Moods and subjects are intertwined, covering an array of musical territories despite the uniformity of the tonic note and chord. There is a paradox to the intricate beauty of SOLARISPELLIS; an almost symphonic album recorded in the living room of a small apartment. The sounds suggest harpsichord, piano, organ or drops of water on a hot tin roof although almost every sound you hear was synthesized. There's a scholarly approach to the music but it does not require any effort on the audience's part. E. Opening Section, Section 7, Section 11, Interlude (Variation on Section 12), Section 9, Section 10 (1st ; 2nd Movements), Section 13, Interlude (Variation on Section 6), Section 12, Section 10 (3rd Movement), Section 8, Finale Section