The Jackson 5: Moving Violation - Import (Vinyl LP)

The Jackson 5: Moving Violation - Import (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Moving Violation is the 11th studio album by The Jackson 5. It is the group's final album on Motown Records and final album under the name - The Jackson 5. They became The Jacksons after this release. Aiming at the developing disco market, the group's funk-based version of Diana Ross & the Supremes' 1968 single Forever Came Today was a club hit, while the single's B-side, the R&B ballad All I Do Is Think of You, became a popular and frequently covered song. After the release of the album, the brothers left Motown due to the label refusing to let them write their own music and the group earning little album royalties. Motown allowed the group to leave the label. However, the group had to change their name, since the Jackson 5 moniker was owned by Motown. Forever Came Today, Moving Violation, (You Were Made) Especially For Me, Honey Love, Body Language (Do The Love Dance), All I Do Is Think Of You, Breezy, Call Of The Wild, Time Explosion