Xentrix: Bury The Pain (Vinyl LP)

Xentrix: Bury The Pain (Vinyl LP)

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Hailing from the North West of England, Xentrix was formed in 1985 by guitar player Chris Astley. After numerous changes to the line up, Xentrix signed to Roadrunner records and entered the studio to record their first album Shattered Existence with producer John Cuniberti (VIO-LENCE, FORBIDDEN, JOE SATRIANI). Xentrix are one of the leading lights of the British thrash metal movement. There music videos for their cover of RAY PARKER JR.'s Ghostbusters as well as the songs Crimes, For Whose Advantage? and The Order of Chaos all had regular air time on MTV's Headbangers Ball. Gaining global notoriety, Xentrix had many high energy performances with audiences of thousands. Ghostbusters theme tune  quickly became a favorite with stage divers at their live shows. They sold over 500,000 records worldwide. After many tours with ANNIHILATOR, SEPULTURA, TANKARD (...), the band broke up in 1996. There was a brief return in 2005/2006 which saw a small number of UK shows and then a 2nd return in 2013 at UK's Bloodstock Festival was followed by a series of dates with KREATOR and OVERKILL. Xentrix returned to full activity in 2017 for a storming Bloodstock Festival show with Jay Walsh (Bull-Riff Stampede) newly appointed at the helm. Following this the band pushed forward with a number of shows including Metal Mania Poland with EMPEROR / NAPALM DEATH and Headline sets at both the Otero Brutalfest in Spain with ENTOMBED A.D. and Symbolic Fest in Czech. Through the closing months of 2018 the final recording work for the new Xentrix album Bury the Pain was completed. With production from Andy Sneap and Mastering by Russ Russell, this new recording has the band sounding heavier than ever, while still retaining their signature sound. With the imminent release of their brand new album Bury the Pain on Listenable Records in early Summer 2019, Xentrix are fired up and ready for the next chapter to begin. Bang that Head that doesn't Bang ! Bury the pain, There will be consequences, Bleeding out, The truth lies buried, Let the world burn, The red mist descends, World of mouth, Deathless and divine, The one you fear, Evil by design