Dance Sing & Listenby Bruce Haack (Vinyl Record)

Bruce Haack: Dance Sing & Listen (Vinyl LP)

Aurora Rising

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Aurora Rising present a reissue of Miss Nelson & Bruce Haack's Dance Sing And Listen, originally released in 1963. This album is somewhat of a curiosity for it was actually conceived as an educational, open-minded children's music. The sound is a mash up of story-telling for kids and simple, happy sing-along music mixed with loads of electronic effects making it an utterly spacey affair. This reissue makes sure this cult album can be enjoyed by people crazy for early '60s electronic music. Let go of all spiritual chains and float away with the tape looped rhythms and all the hissing and buzzing and chirping upon which Esther Nelson, actually a children's dance teacher, and Bruce Haack, a composer and pioneer of electronic music, recite poems, give dance instructions or play melodies on primitive synthesizers. Dance Sing And Listen is meant to fire the imagination of children and due to it's musical quality and weird mood, it may do the same with adults. From this pioneering piece came the sound bands like Kraftwerk and Neu! Would head for about ten years later. Enjoyable children's music that's far out enough to make souls travel. Introduction (0:27), Clap Your Hands (3:15), Sunflowers (4:44), Skating Party (1:33), Medieval Dances (1:34), My Bones (3:43), A Little Discussion and Eine Kleine Gebouncemusik (1:47), Coco the Coconut (8:29), Sailing (2:10), A Stuffy Story (2:53), Pussycats (5:34), Trains (1:22)