Undertow Reissueby Blind Idiot God (Vinyl Record)

Blind Idiot God: Undertow Reissue (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Blind Idiot God is set to release their remastered sophomore album Undertow. The album was produced by Bill Laswell and originally released in 1989. The three bonus tracks, which are pressed to twelve-inch 45 RPM for the vinyl iteration make it a double vinyl, gatefold release. Bonus material includes their collaboration with John Zorn (saxophone), Purged Specimen and a remix of their collaboration with Henry Rollins for the title track of the movie Freaked (directed by Alex Winter), plus the original longer, never released version. It is the only BIG track featuring a vocalist to date. Sawtooth, Clockwork, Atomic Whip, Watch Yer Step, Drowning, Major Key Dub, Alice in My Fantasies, Rollercoaster, Dubbing in the Sinai, Wailing Wall, Freaked (Feat. Henry Rollins), Purged Specimen (Feat. John Zorn), Freaked (Feat. Henry Rollins)