Daniel Gaede: Tube Only Violin (Vinyl LP)

Daniel Gaede: Tube Only Violin (Vinyl LP)

Tacet Records

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A veritable audiophile delicacy - lovingly preserved historic microphones, a mixing desk consisting of nostalgic V72 amplifiers and W85 regulators, the analogue M5 Telefunken tape recorder - each item a legend in itself! May we proudly present this illustrious combination of equipment, here to preserve beautiful music TUBE ONLY, in other words without transistors. The CD leaflet is illustrated with impressive color photos. Available on CD, SACD and even on (180g, recorded without the use of transistors). And what about the music? (This is the question music lovers ask nervously whenever the word audiophile crops up.) Answer: nothing but the best! As is always the case with this violinist, whether he is acting as leader of the Gaede Trio or solo (e.g. on TACET 52 Hommage Kreisler). with skill and discernment, Daniel Gaede serves US a unique encore menu of virtuoso prize exhibits and enjoyable dream-pieces. He is accompanied by Xuesu Liu on piano and the Polish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Wojciech Rajski. Tschaikowsky - Melodie Op.42 No.3, R. Drigo - Valse Bluette Air de Ballet, M. Ponce - Estrellita, M. Ponce - Mexican Serenade, M. Moxzkowski - Spanish Dance Op. 12 No. 2, R. Shchedrin - I'm Stil Von Albeniz, F. Schubert - Ave Maria Op. 52 No. 6, J. Massenet - Meditation Aus Thais, E. Elgar - Salut D'amour Op. 12, C. A. Beroit - Ballet Scene Op. 100