Rose Tattoo: Scarred for Life (Vinyl LP)

Rose Tattoo: Scarred for Life (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this album by the Australian hard rockers. An underrated and innovative work, a street rock classic, that reached #14 in the Australian charts in 1982, and was released around the time the band went on a tour of the USA, ably supporting top headliners Aerosmith and ZZ Top. It's packed with great hook lines and punctuated by Angry Anderson's vocals, Rose Tattoo's third album produced three singles, including Australian hit single 'We Can't Be Beaten', the British chart 45 'It's Gonna Work Itself Out' and 'Branded'. These are just three of the highlights on this album, produced by Harry Vanda & George Young. Scarred for Life, We Can't Be Beaten, Juice on the Loose, Who's Got the Cash, Branded (Tracks 1 - 5 on Side 1), Texas, It's Gonna Work Itself Out, Sydney Girls, Dead Set, Revenge (Tracks 6 - 10 on Side 2)