Rose Tattoo: Southern Stars (Vinyl LP)

Rose Tattoo: Southern Stars (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this album by the Australian hard rockers. With Angry Anderson at the helm and a completely overhauled line-up in place, the band returned to work with Vanda & Young as producers at Albert Studios for what was to be the last time the band worked with the famed production team. Rose Tattoo experimented a little on this album, trying out fresh ideas. It also helped that they had a new regiment of talent on board. Originally released in 1984, Southern Stars made it to #30 in the Australian charts. Three singles releases were taken from the original album 'I Wish' (#32 Australia) plus 'Freedom's Flame' and 'No Secrets'. Anderson and Meyer did much of the writing, and there was a distinct move towards a more commercial sound, this being achieved without sacrificing all the values for which the Tatts had stood during the previous trio of albums. Southern Stars, Let Us Live, Freedom's Flame, I Wish, Saturday's Rage (Tracks 1 - 5 on Side 1), Death or Glory, The Pirates Song, You've Been Told, No Secrets, The Radio Said Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead (Tracks 6 - 10 on Side 2)