Phrydderichs Phaelda: Bruchstuecke (Vinyl LP)

Phrydderichs Phaelda: Bruchstuecke (Vinyl LP)

Notes on a Journey

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Notes On A Journey present a reissue of Phrydderichs Phaelda's Bruchstuecke, originally released in 1981. Even those of you who are already familiar with the label's concept of rediscovering music which has unjustifiably been lost, overlooked, or forgotten will be surprised by the reissue of the six-track-record Bruchstuecke LP by free-jazz artists Phrydderichs Phaelda. This band was a short living school band project of the Gymnasium Voerde Mitte (West-Germany) led by pianist and music teacher Friedrich Schepers joined by other teachers and students: Hans Klimek on bass, Lutz Leonhardt on drums, Wolfgang Kulawik on guitar. In 1975 they went to the studio to record six instrumental tracks in a style that could be best described as jazz/fusion with hints of R'n'B and rock, which are brimming with crisp snare drums played in polyrhythmic and ever-changing patterns and tempos. Alongside that, the astounded listener gets to enjoy thrilling electric guitar lines and breathtaking electric piano excursions together with ultrawarm and elaborate bass guitar parts. All this is held together by the four musicians great overview and ability to improvise and react spontaneously to their fellows. This creates a kind of magic which is rare to hear in music these days. Stefan Leisering and Juergen von Knoblauch, the two record digging members of Jazzanova have immediately understood the unique quality of Bruchstuecke and decided to re-release this overlooked masterpiece. In the course of the original release of this album in the early 1980s only a small amount has been pressed. Now this reissue on Notes On A Journey provides this gem to a larger audience - to people who share a great interest in the remarkable development of underground jazz in Germany during those years. 180 gram vinyl; Old school tip on cover; Includes download card.