Symphonic Works 2by Edvard Grieg (Vinyl Record)

Edvard Grieg: Symphonic Works 2 (Vinyl LP)


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The LP Edvard Grieg: Symphonic Works Vol. II presents more highlights from audite's complete edition of Grieg's symphonic works on 180g vinyl : his second Peer Gynt suite from the incidental music to Henrik Ibsen's drama Peer Gynt, the story of the Nordic Faust which inspired Grieg to compose a sonic panorama of the Norwegian character - from the melancholy song of the abandoned Solveig to Peer Gynt's stormy homecoming; the Funeral March in Memory of Rikard Nordraak which Grieg wrote after the death of his close friend; the famous suite From Holberg's Time, a homage to Ludvig Holberg, the caustic Moliere of the North; and Klokkeklang (bell ringing) - an almost impressionist study documenting a surprisingly visionary trait of the otherwise rather conservative composer. The mythical stage characters, the vivid portrayal of landscapes and the Nordic dance rhythms are presented in audiophile vinyl LP sound. Each LP purchaseincludes a voucher for a free mp3 and HD stereo download of these works: audite would like to offer access todigital and mobile listening to all it's LP devotees as well. The time has come to step forward with a work which is notable in bothform and content. These were the words of Edvard Grieg's publisher, reminding the composer of the major genres of the time: symphony, oratorio, opera. But Grieg did not feel the need to write another symphony and another opera in the Middle European style. He wanted to give Norway it's unique voice within European concert repertoire. And he did that with songs and piano pieces - and particularly with his symphonic works, released by audite in a five-part complete SACD recording with Eivind Aadland and the WDR Symphony Orchestra. Eivind Aadland's rootsin the tradition of Norwegian folk music audibly influence his interpretations. He comes from a family where Norwegian folk music played an important role, and even as a child he came into intensive contact with Grieg's music. Ideal prerequisites therefore to rediscover Grieg's symphonic works against the background of this tradition. Grieg's connections with Germany stretch from his studies in Leipzig to his numerous concert performances in that country. Added to that is the extraordinary circulation of his works in Germany. This recording with the WDRSymphony Orchestra Cologne therefore also represents on several levels a German-Norwegian synthesis which had already been in existence during Grieg's lifetime. The LP Edvard Grieg: Symphonic Works Vol. I comprisesthe first Peer Gynt Suite, Op. 46 and the Symphonic Dances, Op. 64. The Abduction of the Bride - Ingrid's Lament , Arabian Dance , Peer Gynt's Homecoming - Stormy Evening On the Sea , Solveig's Song , Funeral March in Memory of Rikard Nordraak EG 107 , Prelude. Allegro Vivace , Sarabande. Andante , Gavotte. Allegretto - Musette. Poco Più Mosso , Air. Andante Religioso , Rigaudon. Allegro Con Brio - Poco Meno Mosso , Klokkeklang Op. 54 No. 6