Vnitas Pvritas Existentiaby Negator (Vinyl Record)

Negator: Vnitas Pvritas Existentia (Vinyl LP)


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Negator's new album will close a cycle that began in 2003 and will bring the band's history so far to a conclusion, using occult and ritualistic themes. But fear not, this also marks the beginning of a new cycle, whose development has not yet been determined. VNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA begins, where Gates to the Pantheon left off - at the entrance of the Pantheon - and invites the listener to explore what happens when you pass the gates and enter your own Pantheon. This album is a well-thought-out and total work of art, that clocks in with a total playing time of 55:05 minutesThere is much more to the used symbolism and carefully crafted lyrics than what meets the eye. Nothing on this album is unintentional; everything has a purpose. Temple of Light, Sangvis Serpentis, ????? F?S (Khaire Phos), Pyroleophis, Prophets of Fire, Ritvs Sex, Regnvm Spiritvs Immvndi, Et Verbvm Caro Factvm Est, Rite of the Trident, Der Ruf Der See