Greetings From Suckervilleby Psychopunch (Vinyl Record)

Psychopunch: Greetings From Suckerville (Vinyl LP)


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4 years have passed since Psychopunch released their latest studio album. About time to release a new one! On Greetings From Suckerville, the band decided to go back in time, and go for a little bit more raw rock 'n' roll/punk rock 'n' roll kick-ass sound and the way they sounded back in the daysShorter songs, more attitude, but still catchy sing-along tunes with a lot of love and party feeling. The guys weren't too damn serious or accurate in the studio - and neither should you. Let the music do the talking! Let it flow and be more rock 'n' roll! Jarmo wrote most of the songs on an acoustic guitar, trying to catch that feeling and sing-along songs you want to hear and sing to on a party/after party and, of course, live! The album title Greetings From Suckerville refers to one of the songs - Goodbye Suckerville - that was featured on the band's first album, We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink.Psychopunch thought that they would and/or could leave Suckerville - but they are stuck there... which is not a bad thing at all. With their original drummer (Johan) back in the band, it feels like the circle is almost complete! The Original Scandinavian Superdudes are back! Shut Your Fucking Mouth, I´Ll Be Home Tonight, Darling Take All of Me, Love, Scream Your Little Heart Out, Crash Landing, Liar, I Don´T Need a Broken Heart, City´S on Fire, Let´S Do It Again, Tell Me Everything, Over You, Raise Your Glass, Still I Die