Riseby Kitty in a Casket (Vinyl Record)

Kitty in a Casket: Rise (Vinyl LP)


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Limited pink vinyl LP pressing includes bonus CD edition. Their 2017 album release Rise sees Austrian band Kitty In a Casket reveal on it's bellicose front cover what these musicians are about. Her fist resolutely raised to the sky, the motto of our times on her lips, vocalist Kitty Casket represents the courage to stand up for your beliefs: rise, resist, close ranks, take your fate into your own hands! Which is precisely what KIAC have done on Rise, taking a firm stand with their melodic punk rock, from radical to emotional, from undaunted to sensitive, from fast and hard to tender and susceptible. Inspired by the positive feedback they've received at countless shows in Germany, Europe and the US, the musicians recorded their new material more or less live at the studio. This approach made everything sound so much more liberated, relaxed; especially the drums have benefitted greatly from this process, Kitty rejoices. Twenty17, Lights Out, Cold Black Heart, Sweet Love, White Lies, F.U, Oh Johnny, Up with You, Love Me Thrill Me, Kiss My Ass, Dead Inside, Open Waters