Radiatorby Super Furry Animals (Vinyl Record)

Super Furry Animals: Radiator (Vinyl LP)

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Super Furry Animals - RADIATOR: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the acclaimed Welsh indie rockers seminal 2nd album 'Radiator'. A fusion of power pop, punk rock, techno and progressive rock - creating a shimmering, melodic, irreverent and artsy rock & roll. A heady, impressive kaleidoscope of sounds which, giving Radiator an intoxicating, otherworldly atmosphere. One of the few late-'90s albums that sounds inventive, vibrant, and utterly contemporary. The 2CD, Download and HD versions comprise the original 1997 album beautifully remastered from the analogue tapes + B-sides, alternate versions and unreleased demos. Extended CD booklet includes booklet notes with new band interviews. The 2LP is a special gatefold edition of the remastered original album on heavyweight vinyl. CD and LP feature the original, iconic Pete Fowler 'Monsterism' album artwork and the Super Furry Animal's hit singles: Hermann ?'s Pauline, The International Language Of Screaming, Play It Cool, Demons. Furryvision (2017 Remastered Version), The Placid Casual (2017 Remastered Version), The International Language of Screaming (2017 - Remaster), Demons (2017 Remastered Version), Short Painkiller (2017 Remastered Version), She's Got Spies (2017 Remastered Version), Play It Cool (2017 Remastered Version), Hermann Loves Pauline (2017 Remastered Version), Chupacabras (2017 Remastered Version), Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir (2017 Remastered Version), Bass Tuned to D.E.A.D. (2017 Remastered Version), Down a Different River (2017 Remastered Version), Download (2017 Remastered Version), Mountain People (2017 Remastered Version)