Vol. 1-Guitar Evangelistsby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Vol. 1-Guitar Evangelists (Vinyl LP)


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Mother's Children Have a Hard Time (Blind Willie Johnson), If I Had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down (Blind Willie Johnson), Dark Was the Night - Cold Was the Ground (Blind Willie Johnson), I Want to See Him (Mother McCollum), You Better Quit Drinking Shine (Rev. I. B. Ware), Death Is Only a Dream (The Guitar Evangelist), I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me (Blind Benny Paris and Wife), Hide Me in the Nlood of Jesus (Blind Benny Paris and Wife), On My Way to Heaven (Blind Roger Hays), I Must Be Blind I Cannot See (Blind Rover Hays), He Got Better Things for You (Menphis Sanctified Singers), John the Baptist (Rev. Moses Mason), I Wouldn't Mind Dying (But I Gotta Go By Myself) (Rev. I. B. Ware), Does Jesus Care? (Blind Willie Harris), Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) (Blind Roosevelt Graves), The Angels Rolled the Stone Away (Rev. D. C. Rice)