Imarhan: Imarhan (Vinyl LP)

Imarhan: Imarhan (Vinyl LP)

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The band's debut album is intent on dismantling the ideas western listeners have about popularized Tuareg music. This new wave of Tuareg musicians sound very different to the desert distortion that accompanies groups like Mdou Moctar or Group Inerane. Instead, it finds a calm and passionate soul, provides sumptuous slow burners, and a complexity of composition that hasn't been demonstrated by previous music exported from the Saharan people's musical repertoire. Tarha Tadagh, Tahabort, Ibas Ichikkou, Idarchan Net, Assossamagh, Imarhan, Addounia Azdjazzaqat, Id Islegh, Arodj N-Inizdjam, Alwak