Gold Panda: Good Luck & Do Your Best (Vinyl LP)

Gold Panda: Good Luck & Do Your Best (Vinyl LP)

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180gm vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Hailing from Chelmsford Essex in the UK, Gold Panda's journey from his meteoric rise on his first album to now is entirely circular. In the six years since the release of his genre-defining debut album Lucky Shiner, the electronic artist most comfortable with the moniker Derwin Panda spent the subsequent years splitting the majority of his time between London, Berlin and countless excursions to Japan. As he created his new, third album Good Luck And Do Your Best he ultimately found himself back where he began, in the East of England. Whereas his second album Half Of Where You Live was occasionally taut, perhaps harder and more piecing, the 11 songs that comprise Good Luck And Do Your Best have a distinctly warmer palate, one that echoes Lucky Shiner a little more. Now with a clearer range of sounds, Gold Panda has found a more cohesive vision, one where the tracks aren't popping out against each other. It's a complete record. Metal Bird, In My Car, Chiba Nights, Pink and Green, Song for a Dead Friend, I Am Real Punk, Autumn Fall, Halyards, Time Eater, Unthank, Your Good Times Are Just Beginning