Mangostineby Longhair (Vinyl Record)

Longhair: Mangostine (Vinyl LP)

Renate Schallplatten

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Longhair, a project formed by Marko Pelaic and Benedikt Bogenberger, presents four-trackerMangostine EP. The title track sees a brooding bassline meet light, fluttering melodies and uplifting keys, for a peak-time roller. Pans & Pots starts as a darker affair with trippy vocal samples and fluttering drum patterns, before warm keys and intricate instrumentation lift the mood. Studio Barnhus head Axel Boman reworks the title track into a more subtle, deeper cut. Aquamen, meanwhile, opens as a straight-edged techno cut with a heavy bassline and fluttering snares, before playful keys and intermittent sci-fi samples add some texture.