Jazz Winds from a New Directionby Hank Garland (Vinyl Record)

Hank Garland: Jazz Winds from a New Direction (Vinyl LP)

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Hank Garland wasn't the first Country and Western guitarist to discover jazz as a new way of playing. Mundell Lowe (who knows him these days?) and Tal Farlow (whose Verve recordings have long become classics) are just two such musicians who are better known to jazz fans. Garland's shining example Charlie Christian was his inspiration when he was invited to participate in a super session, and the LP Jazz Winds from a New Direction became a smash hit. With Joe Morello, the drummer responsible for the tricky, odd meter and Joe Benjamin, who had been instructed by Gerry Mulligan and performs harmonic magic even without a piano, and then Gary Burton, a newcomer on the vibraphone.