Pluggedby Mental Overdrive (Vinyl Record)

Mental Overdrive: Plugged (Vinyl LP)

Rett I Fletta

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Triple LP version. 21 year old Norwegian techno classic Plugged by Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive gets the expanded and remastered treatment on Full Pupp's techno not techno offshoot Rett I Fletta. He first entered the world of music-making by playing drums in local post-punk outfits, but moved on to electronic instruments when he bought his own Roland TR-808 drum machine in 1983. He ended up in London in 1987, where he spent his days squatting in Hackney and working as an assistant programmer in This Heat's seminal Cold Storage studio in Brixton. Hit by the wave of Chicago house and Detroit techno invading London at the time, he soon found himself experimenting with making beats inspired by these new sounds merged with the '80s sounds he was accustomed to from his pre-London era, like industrial music and EBM. Here he met Renaat Vandepapeliere of R&S Records, and soon found himself doing sessions with David Morley and Joey Beltram at the R&S headquarters, resulting in the release of his first EP under the Mental Overdrive moniker in 1990. A series of EP's for R&S followed, and after relocating to Norway after some time, the debut album Plugged was released on his own label Love OD Communications in 1995. In 2014, Daniel Blackbelt Andersen brought his shabby copy of Plugged along to one of the regular Full Pupp shindigs and played Prins Thomas a couple of the slightly more ambient tracks off the album stating it would be a dream come true to remix all of these tracks and that he'd spoken to Per about getting hold of the stems, if any. A plan to re-issue the whole album with a couple of new remixes formed. Per also went through his archives and found the original Akai S 3000 formatted floppy disks, all the pre-masters, alternative takes and unreleased tracks that did not make it to the finished album. The sleeve has been lovingly redesigned to match this expanded edition by Eirik Seu Stokkmo at Metric Design so a good couple of reasons to grab this new version if you're the lucky owner of the original record. Spoing, Disto Disco, Higher, Please Hold on, Child, Motorcity (Alt Mix), Phunkee, Moves, Jaz