In Tenebrisby Le Mur (Vinyl Record)

Le Mur: In Tenebris (Vinyl LP)

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Le Mur call their music heavy- Dark- trip -rock with prog influences and Space. And in fact, that hits it. The songs are heavy, partly grim (sometimes reminiscent of the Velvet Underground), there is rampant instrumental sections with a dash of Hawkwind, and when Matthias Graef then unexpectedly picks up the saxophone, strong memories come to the magnificent Out Of Focus. They worshiped the heroes of the seventies, but they are not copied. InTenebris , the first one in a planned trilogy, will be released in a limited edition of 500 records.! O.M.E.N. - the Beginning, Cage, One Way Ticket to Space, Die Nacht Der Lemuren (Teil III), In Tenebris, O.M.E.N. - Riddles in the Dark