Smuv: Sofa (Vinyl LP)

Smuv: Sofa (Vinyl LP)

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The couch king Smuv is back! The music of his new album Sofa is all you need for a relaxed Sunday. So get your best sweat pants, chill down on your most comfortable place and forget the problems of your everyday life just for a short time with this beautiful LP! Settle Back, If Monday Feels Like Friday, On the Couch, Stretched Out, Cheetos, Sofa Boogie, Afterglow, Bouncy Zwickel, Dreaming, Delivery, Sofa King, A Pasito Clap Cotton, Mood Porn, Comfort Zone, Closed Curtains, Triclinium, No Stress, Dimmer, Soaked, Miss U (Sofaking Much), Too Laid