Urban Dogs: Urban Dogs (Vinyl LP)

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35th Anniversary reissue of Punk rock collaboration (UK SUBS' Charlie Harper with THE VIBRATORS' Knox, with the Subs Alvin Gibbs plus Matthew Best), + bonus, previously unreleased live LP. First time on vinyl since the original 1983 release. Limited Edition in RED vinyl. Gatefold sleeve with the original artwork, a photo-collage by Knox (in tribute to the Stones' Exile on Main Street cover). New Barbarians, Limo Life, New Baptism, I Need a Slave, Dragnet War Babies, Human Race, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Sex Kick, Be Friends, A Bridge Too Far, Human Being, Cocaine Speed Kills, Warhead (Ext. Ver; Unreleased), New Barbarians-Live, Wanna World-Live, I Wanna Be Your Dog-Live, Warhead-Live, The Word-Live, Limo Life-Live, Troops of Tomorrow-Live