Take A Look At Yourselfby Eddie Russ (Vinyl Record)

Eddie Russ: Take A Look At Yourself (Vinyl LP)

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Keyboardist Eddie Russ hailed from Pittsburg and played with many of the greats including Sarah Vaughn, Benny Golson, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie. Eddie is somewhat of an enigma, but he has always been held in high regard in the UK, and he finally was able to perform here in London at the Jazz café in the early 90's a few years before his untimely demise. His debut album 'Fresh Out' was recorded for the Jazz Masters label and includes the jazz dance classic 'The Lope Song', he also contributed heavily to Sonny Stitt's 'Tornado' album on that label. His band The Mixed Bag also made an album for the Detroit Tribe label. In 1976 he signed to John Richbourg's Sound Stage 7 label and made two great jazz funk albums which were released on the Nashville's Monument label and like his debut were produced by Bob Crawford. From the 1978 album 'Take A Look At Yourself' the title track is a monster percussive jazz funker on which Eddie's keyboards really shine through and Jackie Holiday's soulful vocals really top it off. She also does a great job of the Emotions 'Don't Ask My Neighbours', and Renee Coles adds her vocals to the infectious rare groove version of Quincy Jones 'I Heard That'. Take a Look at Yourself (5:12), Don't Ask My Neighbors (4:33), Tea Leaves (6:00), Interlude (0:43), I Want to Be Somebody (4:17), Feelin' Fine (6:06), I Heard That (4:21), Lay Back (3:37)