Strong, Barrett/Parks, Gino: Rarer Stamps 1 (Vinyl LP)

Strong, Barrett/Parks, Gino: Rarer Stamps 1 (Vinyl LP)

Outta Sight

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Outta Sight presents the first in a new series of LPs pairing two soul music luminaries. Rarer Stamps draws its inspiration from the album Rare Stamps issued by Volt Reoords a Stax subsidiary in 1969. The original LP was the inspiration of Al Bell and was one of three Rare Stamps collections. Here we bring together two of Detroit’s finest, the mighty Barrett Strong and the much overlooked Gino Parks. Each side spotlights the best of their hot R&B action plus a super rare 45: in the case of Barrett Strong we include his first and rarest Tamla recording ‘Let s Rock’ ; and from Gino we feature the incredibly obscure Detroit Doo-Wp cut ‘Last Night I Cried’. Start your stamp collection today! Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong, You Know What to Do - Barrett Strong, Misery - Barrett Strong I'm Gonna Cry, (If You Quit Me) - Barrett Strong Rayber Voices, Seven Sins - Barrett Strong, Whirlwind - Barrett Strong Rayber Voices, Lets Rock - Barrett Strong, Fire - Gino Parks Love-Tones, Same Thing - Gino Parks, For This I Thank You - Gino Parks Love-Tones, Don't Say Bye Bye - Gino Parks, That's No Lie - Gino Parks Andre Williams, Last Night I Cried - Barrett Strong the Hi-Fidelities