Gillan: Mr Universe-Picture Disc (Vinyl LP)

Gillan: Mr Universe-Picture Disc (Vinyl LP)


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Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing cut from the latest digital remasters. 1979's Mr. Universe was Gillan's second album and the first issued in the UK. This album cemented the classic line up of former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan, guitarist Bernie Torme, bassist John McCoy, pianist Colin Towns and drummer Mick Underwood. High energy classic hard rock from beginning to end. Second Sight 2:33, Secret of the Dance 2:54, She Tears Me Down 5:07, Roller 4:43, Mr. Universe 6:14, Vengeance 3:34, Puget Sound 4:23, Dead of Night 4:04, Message in a Bottle 3:09, Fighting Man 7:28