K U K L: Holidays in Europe (Vinyl LP)

K U K L: Holidays in Europe (Vinyl LP)

One Little Indian Im

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One Little Indian Direct Metal Mastering Reissue Series: Using the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing. The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. Stampers are plated directly from the DMM Copper Master, eliminating two of the three plating steps required for lacquers. In short, DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. This is especially good for long play albums, or audiophile material. Each release is strictly limited to 500 copies, housed in a plastic wallet and individually numbered. A chance to pick up classic one little Indian albums in the most lavish vinyl format available!! Untitled, (Untitled 2), (Untitled 3), (Untitled 4), (Untitled 5), (Untitled 6), (Untitled 7), (Untitled 8)