Technicolourby Disco Inferno (Vinyl Record)

Disco Inferno: Technicolour (Vinyl LP)

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Almost entirely out on their own, out of step with the times, Disco Inferno were widely underappreciated during their (pre-internet) existence, they were probably the most ambitious and isolated band of the '90s - with a steadily-expanding cult of devotees now discovering their often-brilliant catalog. - One of the first wave of post-rock acts, they combined avant-garde aesthetics with a basis in solid pop hooks, credibly depicting suburban alienation and national decay through embittered, intelligent lyrics. - As Pitchfork explained in their 9.3 review of previously-reissued 1995 album D.I. Go Pop, A deft mix of creative sampling, tender, sinewy melodies, and caustic, intelligent lyrics, Disco Inferno were one of the era's most restlessly creative bands. Or as Ben Goldwasser of MGMT put it in a January 2011 interview: It sounds like the future. I'm still figuring out just how cool they are. - Over the three-year span (1992-95) that this compilation covers, they were, quite simply, jaw-droppingly great - a virtually peerless group mining a steady stream of uncompromising, pioneering recordings. Technicolour 3:36, Things Move Fast 3:02, I'm Still in Love 2:10, Sleight of Hand 3:59, Don't You Know 4:48, It's a Kid's World 4:31, When the Story Breaks 3:11, Can't See Through It 3:53, Over and Over 3:51