Thunderheist: Thunderheist (Vinyl LP)

Thunderheist: Thunderheist (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 release. Who could have predicted that an accidental MP3 upload would birth a phenomenon? Never having met in person, but electronically connected through common musical friends, producer Grahm Zilla and Nigerian-born rapper/vocalist Isis began Thunderheist to throw a wrench into static Hip Hop conventions and explore their love for the dance floor. 13 tracks including the singles 'Sweet 16' and 'Nothing 2 Step 2'. Sweet 16, Nothing2Step2, Jerk It, LBG (Little Booty Girl), Bubblegum, Slow Roll, Space Cowboy, The Party After, Freddie, Do the Right Thing, Red Whine, Cruise Low, Anthem