Men They Couldn't Hang: Defiant (Vinyl LP)

Men They Couldn't Hang: Defiant (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the revered British folk punk group, released to coincide with their 30th Anniversary. The Men They Couldn't Hang formed in 1984. Championed by John Peel, their debut single 'Green Fields of France' was a huge hit on the UK Indie chart and was # 3 in Peel's Festive Fifty for 1984 (behind the Smith's and Cocteau Twins). Three decades later, the band is as relevant as ever. Raising Hell, Bonfires, Scavengers, Carrying the Flame, Turquoise Bracelet Bay, Silver Chains, Night Ferry, Tavarado, Atheni Dreams, Fail to Comply, Hardworking People, Twilight Road