Cornwell, Hugh: Fall & Rise of Hugh Cornwell (Vinyl LP)

Cornwell, Hugh: Fall & Rise of Hugh Cornwell (Vinyl LP)

Invisible Hands

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2015 collection, the first ever anthology of the veteran British singer/songwriter’s post-Stranglers career. Since leaving The Stranglers in 1990. Hugh Cornwell has made a series of well-received solo albums. 25 years on from leaving the band, this album brings together 12 (super-high-quality remastered at Abbey Road) choice Cornwell classics taken from the first six solo albums. Leave Me Alone, Beat of My Heart, Hot Cat on Tin Roof, Break of Dawn, Under Her Spell, First Bus to Babylon, Please Dont Put Me on a Slow Boat to Trowbridge, Lay Back on Me Pal, One Burning Desire, Cadiz, Long Dead Train, Get Involved