Follow Me To The Popcorn: Untold History / Variousby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Follow Me To The Popcorn: Untold History / Various (Vinyl LP)


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LP version. Originating in Belgium at the tail end of the 1960s and into the '70s, popcorn was a music and dance scene with an emphasis on often obscure black American records of the then recent past. Drawing immediate parallels with the UK's Northern soul scene from approximately the same time, young people would flock from all corners of Belgium to cram into a converted farmhouse barn to dance to these exotic sounds. But whilst Northerners favored an often up-tempo, stomping '60s soul sound, popcorn focused almost entirely on slower, moodier numbers. In recent years, collectors and DJs into vintage soul and R&B have been tuning into the popcorn style - yet there still remains some confusion as to what exactly popcorn means in musical terms. Not following established genre conventions, the popcorn sound is hard to pin down - there are soul, blues, ska, pop, jazz and Latin records which are all popcorn - and all are represented here. Whilst the sound has caught the attention of many forward thinking DJs, the origins and background of the Belgium popcorn scene remains scantly documented. With sleeve notes from original popcorn insider Gerd de Wilde and his contacts within the original Belgium popcorn scene, Follow Me To The Popcorn looks to change that. Along with previously unpublished vintage flyers and photographs and combined with the 24 tracks of heady, intoxicating R&B, blues, soul and jazz, Follow Me To The Popcorn is almost certainly the fullest document yet of the important, influential and yet so often misunderstood Belgium popcorn scene. Features: Little Jimmy Ray, Dolly Lyon, Plas Johnson, Sam Fletcher, Lilian Vines, Haywood Henry, Harvey, Bellino, Kiki Page, Linda Willoby, Bobby Hendricks, Dinah Shore, Page Boys, Shorty Long, Johnny Guitar Watson, JJ Jones, Al Brown, Barbara Simpson, Earl Grant, Gloria Grey, George Barnes, Dav Kipp, Dimples Jackson and Monty & The Cyclones. Little Jimmy Ray - You Need to Fall in Love, Dolly Lyon - in the Palm of Your Hand, A Plas Johnson - Downstairs, Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over, Lilian Vines - I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night, Haywood Henry - Buck-De-Hoodle, Page Boys - Barricuda, Shorty Long - Burnt Toast ; Black Coffee, Johnny Guitar Watson - Wait a Minute Baby, JJ Jones - Harlem Nocturne, Al Brown ; His Tunetoppers - Sweet Little Love, Barbara Simpson - Waiting for My Baby Baby, Harvey - Any Way You Wanta, Bellino - Boss Bossa Nova, Ki Ki Page - Big Boy, Linda Willoby - Big Boy You're Through, Bobby Hendricks - I Want That, Dinah Shore - Scene of the Crime, Earl Grant - Fever, Gloria Grey - It's a Swe