Stevie Jackson: Stevie Jackson (Vinyl LP)

Stevie Jackson: Stevie Jackson (Vinyl LP)


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Despite having been responsible for some of Belle & Sebastian's best-known songs (Jonathan David, Chick factor, Seymour Stein and I'm Not Living in the Real World), it has taken Stevie Jackson sixteen years for his first collection of solo recordings. Recorded over the last three years in Glasgow and Vancouver, (I Can't Get No) features a range of friends and musical collaborators including members of Belle and Sebastian, the Pastels, Trembling Bells and the songwriting triumvirate, the Company (Jackson, Roy Moller and Gary Thom), and the New Pornographers' rhythm section of Kurt Dahle and John Collins. Pure of Heart, Just Just So to the Point, Try Me, Richie Now, Dead Man's Fall, Bird's Eye View, Man of God, Kurosawa, Where Do All the Good Girls Go?, Telephone Song, Press Send, Feel the Morning, If I Can't Help Myself