Offshore: Offshore (Vinyl LP)

Offshore: Offshore (Vinyl LP)

Big Dada Records

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Two years on from the sad and untimely passing of Ewan Robertson aka Offshore, his label Big Dada can announce the release of a last album from the Aberdonian musician and designer. The tracks for the new record, 'Offshore' were all more or less completed before his death in 2012. His family, his partner and the label have pieced the album together as close to his original intentions as they could manage, to create a suite of music which in it's openness, beauty, humor and joyfulness, both hints at what Ewan could have gone on to achieve, and celebrates what a unique and lovely human being and musician he was. In addition, artists including Ikonika, Amon Tobin, Blue Daisy, Slugabed, Mamiko Moto, Lockah and Enchante have all contributed remixes and expect videos and photographs from long time collaborators. The sadness felt by those who knew and loved Ewan is still very real, but this record is a chance to celebrate what a unique and talented individual he was. In that spirit, please enjoy your first taste of the record, Off Peak. All profits from the record are to go to the Marfan Trust at his families choosing, it was the condition that affected Ewan. J Bouncey, Make It Up, Barden's Burden, Church Rhythm, Flickbook, NY in a Minute, Torry Tash, Olympian, Step Forward, Ruin, Swing, Start, Painting, Turn That Down Upside Frown, Off Peak, Rold (2011)