Three Voicesby Munma (Vinyl Record)

Munma: Three Voices (Vinyl LP)


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Three Voices is the first vinyl release from Jawad Nawfal aka Munma, and the second vinyl release on Lebanon's Ruptured label. Three Voices is marked by several vocal collaborations, representing a departure in style for this pioneer of Beirut's electronic scene. The vocal element has always been present in Munma's music, whether through radio broadcasts, samples of political speeches, or recordings of musicians' voices, but he had never actually used the human voice as an intrinsic element in his compositions. Following his successful collaboration with rapper El Rass and other hip-hop artists from Beirut and the surrounding area (including Touffar, El Far3i, and Boikutt, among others), Nawfal became drawn toward the capabilities of the human voice - more specifically the recitation of poetry by the human voice - and began to integrate this element into his musical process. He called on various writers, mostly women, to write personal texts and recite them in spoken-word form in the studio. He then proceeded to build specific musical beds around these voice recordings and recitations. The resulting album is Three Voices, a fully collaborative yet vastly personal album of electronic treatments and human narration. Éole, Muse, Three Voices, Chien Fou, Solstice 2, Cadavre Exquis, Rêve Éveil, L'arbre