Grottoby Lil Jabba (Vinyl Record)

Lil Jabba: Grotto (Vinyl LP)

Local Action

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Local Action presents Grotto, the long-awaited second album by Lil Jabba. Jabba made his name producing hypnotic juke and footwork records back when he was based in Baltimore, quickly catching the attention of footwork figureheads like the late DJ Rashad. His early music was self-released or issued via small-run cassettes, but built Jabba a cult following online. In 2013, Local Action released Scales, a critically-acclaimed collection of Jabba's key material to date, described by Dummy as one of the year's most singular albums. Grotto is the encapsulation of his story so far; It's a genre-less record that draws from dub, Southern hip-hop, jungle and more without ever conforming to stereotypes, driven by the moonlit melodies and dynamic shifts that have always been present in his work. This is one of electronic music's most individual voices in it's most realized form yet. Waif, Crawl, Grotto, Industry, Cave Painting, Hazy Ox, Solem, Lonely Studio, Ombre, Chamber Mongrel, Lime, Skattered Tags