Dirty Water: The Birth Of Punk Attitudeby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Dirty Water: The Birth Of Punk Attitude (Vinyl LP)

Year Zero

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2 x LP pressing. 2 CD + 76 page perfect bound Book compiled and written by Kris Needs, former editor of celebrated punk fanzine ZigZag and writer of books on Primal Scream, the Clash, Keith Richards & New York Dolls. There have been many punk collections over the years and former Zigzag fanzine editor Kris Needs possesses most of them so, when it came to compiling his own, he decided to avoid the predictable, except where totally warranted. Although featuring names without whom such a compilation should never be, the set also highlights less likely candidates through their influence, attitude or sheer courage in the face of adversity; mavericks and rebels shooting for the stars and going against the grain. Every track on 'Dirty Water: The Birth of Punk Attitude' is there for a reason, whether it's a band which Kris has known, worked with or believed in, or just thinking some hair-bristling track deserves to be heard again or highlighted. Dirty Water, Garbage, Do It, Bluejean Bop, I Hate You, Moon Upstairs, Space Age Love, Rocket Number Nine, Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) [Live] [Live], Sisters Sisters (Sisters Rising) [Live] [Live], Politicians in My Eyes, Up Against the Wall, Get a Job, Do It Nice, Subway Train, On the Subway, Roxette, Nadir's Big Chance, Outside My Door, Teengenerate, I Need You, I'm Stranded, Two Sevens Clash