Cosmosis 1by Fhloston Paradigm (Vinyl Record)

Fhloston Paradigm: Cosmosis 1 (12-Inch Single)


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After last year's well received album 'The Phoenix', King Britt returns under his Fhloston Paradigm moniker fo the first in a series of 'Cosmosis' Eps. 'Cosmosis Vol 1' is three spacey perfumed hardware workouts of the kind that Fhloston Paradigm built his name on. The EP starts with Sonic Six, matching bumping drum machine rhythms with gurgling bleeps, and mournful strings building the emotion through the noise. The second track is the slowly evolving ambience of Faith, which builds up into radiant, shimmering clouds of sound before a bass line drops midway, grounding the track melodically and switching the emotion from ecstatic to bittersweet. The EP closes with Past, where broken sounds are dragged over a warping piano line, anda flickering static melody engulfs the track as the noise dies out. 'Cosmosis Vol 2' will follow early in 2016 Sonic Six - Fhloston Paradigm, Faith - Fhloston Paradigm, Past - Fhloston Paradigm