Torb the Roach & Floppy Mac Space: Square Wave Adventures (Vinyl LP)

Torb the Roach & Floppy Mac Space: Square Wave Adventures (Vinyl LP)

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Torb The Roach teams up with Floppy Mac Space for their second album and 8-bit video game, Square Wave Adventures. The 8-bit video game can be played online for free at Squarewaveadventures. Com The dramatic events leading up to the making of Torb and Floppy's 1st album, Tape Echo: Gold Floppies, were chronicled in a film released with the album. In the new Square Wave Adventures game the drama continues and this time you can partake in the action! The game is pure 8-bit video game madness. The plot is set in a futuristic retro dystopia. SuperMonster has captured Torb and, with him locked away, deploys his weapons of mass production to enforce a terrible reign of uninspired musical excess. As the last hope, Mac Space disembarks on a heroic quest to free Torb and save the universe from eternal monotony. Urged onward by the thumping rhythms and hypnotic basslines from the soundtrack, Floppy battles his way through SuperMonster's minions and agents of evil towards an inevitable final showdown with SuperMonster himself! The album, which is the soundtrack to the game, showcases the duo's signature sound combining 12-bit drum machines, samples & classic synths, such as the Minimoog and Yamaha Dx 7. Square waves have been tossed into the broiling brew of sounds as well, resulting in a full palate of new and surprising acoustic flavours! The 10 level, 8-bit video game, made in collaboration with programming whiz Nils Nilski Nordmark, can be played online for free at Squarewaveadventures. Com. Hopper I Tid, Klisterføre, Rullerytme, Brennmanet, Varm Luft, Flyter Rundt, Ekkobndtvang, Er PÀ Punjab, Nakkesleng, Firkantbølge, Kuu Dhufu, Koker Vann