Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Mann Alive (Vinyl LP)

Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Mann Alive (Vinyl LP)

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Manfred Mann's Earth Band ?- Mann Alive is a live double album released in 1998 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Manfred Mann - keyboards, vocals / Mick Rogers - guitars / John Trotter - drums / Steve Kinch - bass / Noel McCalla - vocals / Chris Thompson - guitar, vocals Martha's Madman, Times They Are A-Changin', You Angel You, Father of Day Father of Night, For You, It's a Fine Line, Demolition Man, Nothing Ever Happens, She Was, Blinded By the Light, Davy's on the Road Again, I'll Give You, Shelter from the Storm, Redemption Song, The Mighty Quinn, Demolition Man (Short Version), Blinded By the Light (Short Version), Redemption Song, Instrumedicine Song, Sikelele 1